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The Benefits Of Soft Pool And Leggings Room At Gangnam Pool Salon

Gangnam1st.com is the premier pool salon offering a variety of luxurious amenities in Seoul, South Korea. One of the most popular services this top-notch establishment offers is their newly opened Soft Pool and Leggings Room. This exclusive space offers guests a relaxing and enjoyable experience with its warm temperature, soft surface, and comfortable seating. Here are five reasons why you should check out Gangnam’s Soft Pool and Leggings Room:

1. Comfort

The soft pool maintains a constant temperature, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy their time in the room. The floor is covered with a soft material that cushions the feet from potential stress or strain caused by prolonged standing on hard surfaces. In addition, comfortable seating makes it easy to relax while enjoying the therapeutic effects of soaking in the warm water.

2. Relaxation

Leggings are designed to provide maximum comfort during activities such as yoga, Pilates and other exercise routines. Combined with the soothing environment created by the soft pool room’s water temperature and smooth surface, guests will find it easy to relax their minds and bodies during their visit to Gangnam’s Salon Spa Services department.

3. Luxurious experience

The overall experience of this unique service can be described as luxurious, combining high-end facilities with personalised attention from experienced technicians who have been certified through extensive training programmes conducted by Gangnam’s staff. In addition to providing excellent customer service, these professionals prepare guests before they enter the room with detailed instructions on how to use all the amenities available to ensure that each guest gets the most out of their stay in this special area reserved exclusively for them.

4 . Improved health benefits

Soaking in natural hot springs is known to promote general wellbeing; however, when it comes to luxury spas such as Gangnam’s Soft Pool and Legging Room, there are additional health benefits associated with this type of treatment, including improved circulation throughout the body, which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as aiding muscle recovery following strenuous physical activity or training sessions at the gym or elsewhere away from home or the office. Increased blood flow also helps to improve mental clarity & focus, which can be very beneficial to individuals looking for improved concentration levels when carrying out tasks related to work assignments or personal projects that require one’s undivided attention for extended periods of time.

5 . Healthy Skin Care

It is not only possible but also recommended that individuals take part in developing healthy skin care regimens while spending time within Gangnam’s Soft Pool and Legging Room since a number of products specialised specifically for treating various skin issues can be found both within local stores operated nearby salon premises or online portals accessible 24/7 anytime day or night enabling customers to purchase items necessary to maintain beautiful complexion regardless of where they are located at the moment ensuring stunning results are achieved quickly efficiently without breaking the bank account balance too much when purchasing essential necessities required to treat dry flaky patches.

Detoxifying Effects

Taking a dip in a warm pool can provide relaxation and comfort, but it can also offer much more. The bioactive minerals present in the warm water have been proven to possess detoxifying properties that cleanse the body of toxins. By enhancing the filtration process, the warm water can promote increased energy levels and improve immune system defenses. Visitors can leave feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to embark on the next great adventure that life brings their way. Many dedicated areas such as changing rooms, swimming pools, and salons specialize in providing elite level experiences that customers never forget after a single session.

Something for Everyone

These facilities offer something for everyone, regardless of age, gender, status, or budget size. The facilities are designed to cater to the needs of the visitors who are willing to spend money to gain access to premium quality services. The staff members are carefully selected to satisfy even the pickiest visitors. These facilities are the ideal place to put a smile on your face and leave you satisfied and delighted having spent precious moments in the least expected manner imaginable.

Luxury and Entertainment

These facilities are the ultimate destination for celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, promotions, and other special events. They offer a boost of fun factor, ensuring that nobody leaves disappointed whenever they decide to pay a visit. Luxurious entertainment options are readily available, making it a full swing destination.

Expert Support

If you have any questions, inquiries, comments, or suggestions concerning anything related to these facilities, the support team is available to provide support. The tech support team is equipped to handle queries and problems with professionalism and utmost respect. They strive to achieve the main goal of ensuring satisfaction and will adjust their services to match the needs and requirements of their clients.

A Tradition of Excellence

These facilities continue to innovate and introduce the latest technologies, advancements, and innovations in the technological realm. They help establish their authority as a reputable source, reference center, and hub of information that people flock to for solutions to resolve dilemmas they face on a daily basis. The facilities have passed tests, trials, and tribulations, overcoming countless obstacles to emerge victoriously. The end result is a greater appreciation and understanding of the profundity, depths of love, and dedication employees commit during their working hours, shifts, days, weeks, months, and years. They tirelessly and relentlessly push boundaries to cover past achievements and build a future, capitalizing on investment revenues, funds pooled together, and invested wisely. The enormous returns, dividends, profits gained have borne fruit, and the realization of goals set at the beginning of the process is finally achieved.


In conclusion, these facilities offer more than just a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. They provide an opportunity to detoxify the body, improve productivity, promote a healthy environment, and create a positive image. The facilities are eco-friendly and offer customizable services that cater to the unique needs of their clients. With expert support, luxury and entertainment, and a tradition of excellence, these facilities remain relevant and respected in the current global market trends.

Villa or apartment, where should you invest in?

Villa and apartment both are in high demand these days. Different individual has different preference on this. If you are confused about where you should invest your money, then this article will greatly help you in this regard.

Villas vs apartments: Main differences

Apartment projects are comprised of several high-rise structures that provide living spaces in various configurations. On the other hand, villas are more of a luxury type residence. Villas are more exclusive types of structures where the resident can customize the features and amenities accordingly. You need to know about agavevillas and apartments in detail before investing your money on.

The price range

On average, there is a stark difference in price between villas and apartments. In India, you are supposed to get an apartment within a budget of 50 lakh rupees but the same cannot be said about villas. If you wish to get a villa of your own, then it will cost you at least few crore rupees to say the least. For example, purchasing an apartment may cost Rs. 5000 or so per sq. ft. In India but for villa the amount is Rs. 17,5000 or so. Therefore, the price difference is essential to consider before investing in agavevillas or an apartment.

Scope for customization

Villa is perfect for customization. As this property is exclusively for you, you can customize it in the way you want. You can alter its design, colour, style or anything else according to your specific preference and demand. The degree of freedom is high in this regard. But the same cannot be said for an apartment. An apartment is a part of a building where other people live. You cannot just make changes or customize the apartment in the way you want. All you can do is make some minor interior changes to some extent.

Return on investment

It does not take much to understand that villas are clearly winner as far as return on investment is concerned. An apartment is specifically suitable for nuclear family which is prevalent in society these days. But owning a villa costs you a lot of money, but being a depreciating asset, the return on investment is quite low. 

Pros and cons of apartments

If you are to invest in apartments, then you will have several pros and cons, to say the least. The pros are that it is affordable, easier to maintain, has better security, and is more popular among the general public. On the other hand, the drawbacks are overcrowding, you cannot customize it, limited space, and privacy. The preference of each individual is to vary on this.

Pros and cons of the villa

The positive is that you get more privacy as it is less crowding. On top of that, you can customize the place with all the freedom you want. On the other hand, it costs you high, and return on investment is very low regarding cons. The maintenance cost is also very high. 

Beyond ADA Compliance: Taking Hearing Accessibility in Hotel Rooms to the Next Level

For hotel owners, there’s no denying that providing access for disabled guests is a must. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines specific regulations that businesses must meet to ensure reasonable accommodations are made for people with disabilities. But when it comes to hearing accessibility, many hotels have only scratched the surface of what they can do to provide an optimal experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing guests. Here we’ll discuss some ways hotels can go beyond basic ADA compliance to create a truly hearing-accessible guest room—and why it’s worth doing so.
But first, let’s start by answering the question “What is an ADA room meaning?” An ADA room or suite means a space has been designed by rules set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. These rules include guidelines about wheelchair accessibility, communication devices, and more.

1) Meeting Basic ADA Requirements:

When designing guest rooms to promote hearing accessibility, it’s important to start by meeting all applicable requirements outlined by the ADA. This includes making sure any visual alarms or notifications feature strobe lights and/or vibrating pads; installing phone amplifiers or other assistive listening devices; ensuring staff members understand how to use these technologies; offering both written materials and oral instructions on how to operate equipment; providing closed captioning TV services; including TTY kits in each room; and more.

2) Incorporating Assistive Technology:

Hotels should also consider incorporating additional assistive technology into their guest rooms as needed. This may include items such as amplified alarm clocks, sound amplification systems, doorbell alarms, video phones for video calls from outside sources such as family members who don’t have one themselves, audio loop systems that transmit sound signals through induction loops installed near televisions or telephones, bed shakers that allow people with cochlear implants or hearing aids to hear alarms while sleeping without using headphones, and even mobile apps that allow users to control lights and other aspects of their environment directly from their phone.

3) Ensuring communication options:

In addition to providing assistive technology in their rooms, hotels should also ensure that they offer multiple communication options – especially if they cater to international guests who may not be fluent in English. This could mean having staff fluent in sign language on hand at all times, providing translation services over the phone or via video chat, providing foreign newspapers in common areas, providing information sheets in different languages at check-in desks, offering online sign language tutorials on their website, etc.

4) Provide educational opportunities:

Education is key when it comes to promoting inclusion – which means hotels should consider offering educational opportunities for both staff and guests on topics such as Deaf culture, etiquette tips, proper communication techniques, etc. For example, they could host workshops led by experts during conferences; offer complimentary classes taught by certified sign language instructors; create informational brochures highlighting local resources; display informational posters throughout the property encouraging respect for the hearing impaired; etc.

5) Train staff and create policies:

Finally, hotel owners need to ensure that all staff are properly trained on how best to accommodate guests with different types of disabilities. They also need to establish clear policies on issues such as alerting staff when an emergency situation involving a person who cannot hear is detected. By creating protocols that everyone is expected to follow, this will help ensure a safe environment for all visitors.

6) Making guests feel welcome:

Last but not least, hotels should make every effort to show guests exactly how welcome they are – whether they have a disability or not. This could include things like setting up special greeting stations designed specifically for hard-of-hearing visitors, displaying artwork on themes relevant to Deaf culture, running promotional campaigns celebrating achievements within the Deaf community, offering discounts to Deaf organizations attending events held at the property, creating social media pages dedicated to helping people connect with each other who share similar challenges due to impairment, etc.

By going above and beyond the basic ADA requirements, hotel owners can create truly exceptional experiences for their Deaf/Hard of Hearing guests – resulting in greater overall satisfaction, higher ratings and better reviews across the industry as a whole!

The Interesting Floating Market in Southeast Asia

Mekong River is one of the largest rivers and is ranked as the twenties river of the world. The river flows in six countries from the Tibetan highland to China and then flowing toward the ocean through Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. This river is not only a source of life but also an excellent pathway to travel between communities. This river is a transportation source for moving to places. So, definitely, this river plays a crucial role in the development as well as has a great impact on the communities.

This river as well holds an amazing floating market flowing through its length. This river is the place where you can see how people took the river into their lives and livelihoods. People around there, row their boats, take their vessels made of wood to passerby and sell their goods. The boats with the goods keep floating and doing business! Cai Be, Damnoen Saduk and Cai Rang are the top most floating markets. Moreover, a lot of floating markets are located in the delta of Mekong River.

This area will definitely give you the joy of shopping and seeing the floating market. So, to help you here, we will be covering now the information about the floating markets of not only the Mekong River as well as other floating markets in Southeast Asia. The river along with its floating market has now become one of the major tourist attractions. Tourists visit these places to have a new experience and they also keep coming whenever they visit places near the markets. This river thus plays an important role in the financial development of the communities too. The tourists as well get a lot of joy visiting the floating markets.This floating market is in Vietnam. It is good to visit this place if you want to know the shopping habit of Mekong Delta. Morning is always good as a time to discover its flamboyance. This is the time when you will find many local vendors busy in doing business in their inherent style.

Cai Be is yet to lose its tradition and it is yet to be the busiest place for the tourists. Fruits and all vegetables of this place are fresh. You can find wooden boats and awesome exotic displays along the horizon. In brief, it is more than worth to booking a Mekong delta tour 2 days This is also in Mekong Delta of Vietnam and is considered as one of the best floating markets for the travelers across the world. People sell numbers of things over there what you can buy! There are river boats to hang around. Seasonal goods are popular in this area such as fruits and different kind of vegetables. You can find many kinds of fish here too.

This place is very colorful and it has many impressive views. Considering numbers of aspects it can be chosen as a worthy place to visit.It is outside of Bangkok and considered as another popular floating market. Thai travelers visit this place most. Plenty of boats are there. You can find many fruits and nice flowers. It is possible to get many local souvenirs too. You will always be accompanied by the cacophony of the buyers and sellers here. This place is simply electric especially at the morning time. Everything you can feel fresh at that time. Try to stay at this place couple of days and discover its inherent beauty.Yes, within this article you can only find three popular places to visit around Mekong River. But despite those three places, there are numbers of other places to visit too.

For an example, we can mention the name of Chau Doc which is a floating market situated at the border of Cambodia. This is another jubilant and vibrant place. You cannot resist you to visit this place because of its motley. Plenty of local products are being sold here for years. There are numbers of boats strung altogether. Wake up early and discover the life of this region. Another name is Siem Reap. This is not just a floating market as you can see many floating villages here too. It is in the border line of Vietnam & Cambodia. There are beautiful lakes, nice houses, fishermen, small schools and many other things to watch.

The memory of this place will persist for long in your mind. Lastly, it would be irrational to skip mentioning the name of Inle Lake. It is in Burma where you can get numbers of handmade things that includes carving, tools, cheroots, textiles and ornaments. There are five distinctive places where you can get floating boats at this place. These are Shwenyaung, Heho, Taunggyi, Minethauk & Nyaungshwe. This place is great for the landscapes. Y

8 Must-try Dishes in Vietnam

Mentioning about Vietnamese cuisine, it is obvious when we talk about “Pho”. Pho and its delicious flavor appear in so many food magazines. Moreover, it has become the favorite dish of many professional chefs. Pho is also praised in almost Vietnamese restaurants located in foreign countries. A delicious bowl of Pho makes every visitor surprised and fall in love immediately with an attractive smell and a great taste. This is the most famous dish of Vietnam formed from the 20th century in the North.

From different parts of the country, pho is changed in some small ingredients. In Hanoi, pho is sweeter and in Ho Chi Minh City, it was eaten with more fresh vegetables.In 2014, Vietnamese bread has created a new trend of street food around the world. Therefore, it was obvious that it became the top 20 most delicious street food in the world voted by The Huffington Post. The bread is always full of grilled meat, cucumbers, herbs and egg sauce with the crispy crust. Surprisingly, the price of one bread is super cheap. Only with approximately 15 thousand VND, you can have a super-delicious bread.Voted by National Geographic in 2014, Bun cha in Hanoi is on the list of 10 best street food in the world. Bun cha recipe is not complicated but how to make the tasty fried and unburned meat is not easy.

Visitors are so satisfied when they enjoy noodles with the hot meat and salads with delicious sauce. Bun cha is loved not only by Vietnamese people, but it also creates a great impression on international travelersBesides pho, spring rolls are wonderful Vietnamese dishes which are on the list of 50 world’s most delicious dishes of CNN. Spring rolls are very easy to make. You can use the rice paper wrapping shrimps, meat, vegetables and other components together, and then roll them. After that, you enjoy it with a bowl of sweet and sour sauce. Interestingly, after only 2 steps, you can cook the most delicious dish ever. In addition to the incredible taste, spring rolls are also attracted customers by its beautiful look and cheap priceAt the General Meeting of street food held in Singapore in 2013, baked sticky bananas were voted as the most favorite food. Sweet bananas with soft rice and an attractive smell from coconuts and peanuts are special factors making visitors never forget this dish. If you want to cook a dish of baked sticky banana, it is very simple.

You use thin steamed rice slightly covering a piece of bananas, and then grille it by coals. When enjoying this dish, you should put a little coconut milk and peanuts to the surface. That way will make the dish more deliciousHue style beef noodle is presented and sold in all parts of the country. It has become the popular dish of both Vietnamese and foreign people. This noodle soup is outstanding with the sweetness from beef bones. The soup is always full of beef, pork, banana flowers, and herbs. A famous American chef, Anthony Bourdain had to say: “Bun bo Hue is the most delicious soups in the world” when he had the opportunity to taste this beef noodle in Dong Ba market, Hue.Vietnam pancake dish is very well-known in the world. Two American CNN writers specializing in food also gave a lot of praises for this street food. Delicious pancakes are attracted all visitors by golden and shining crusts.

The ingredients hidden inside are shrimps, pork, beans served together with herbs and tasty sauces.Vietnamese cuisine has become more and more famous and popular all over the world. It is the most outstanding evidence that Vietnam owns one of the best cuisines on earth. Vietnamese people also feel satisfied and proud of when the flavor of Vietnamese food is recognized and highly ranked on many reputable world magazines.

Travel Quarterly’s The Travel Hut

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Travel has always been romantic and exciting. Unfortunately, the only way people could purchase travel was boring and time consuming. Why should such an exciting and dynamic product be chained to a boring distribution system that has not changed for many, many years! That’s when SkyAuction was born! It was easy for us to make the decision to auction our travel products. This was a fun way for us to offer our products and a fun way for our members to buy them! We made a decision early on in this process that we would offer all of our auction lots beginning at $1. This would ensure that our members would pay whatever they felt a product was worth even if it was only $1.

Hidden Gems of New York City

There are some of the most famous places in the world in New York City, places that anyone could look at and recognise it a heartbeat. But anyone wants to travel to NYC and see something a little different, then here are a few hidden gems that may be worth checking out.

Everyone knows about the Subway in New York and if anyone staying there for any length of time, they will use it. But there are actually some fascinating sites to be seen down there as well.

One example is the Old City Hall subway stop, which closed down in 1945 as it was little used and couldn’t be modernised. It opened in 1904 and was quickly designated as one of the most beautiful stations on the system with skylights, coloured glass tile work and ornate brass chandeliers.

Another spot is the Freedom Tunnel that was an abandoned train tunnel that used to house a homeless shanty. It is near Riverside Park and is still used by Amtrak. It is now a perfect area for urban exploration and seeing amazing graffiti.

The Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel is the oldest subway tunnel in the world and was built in 1844. It was abandoned and not rediscovered until 1980. It is closed to the public but there are pre-arranged tours.

These are all part of the Subway, which is an iconic system that runs 24 hours a day to get around the city. The heart of it is Grand Central Terminal, also known as Grand Central Station, the largest railway of platforms. The airspace over New York is also one of the busiest in the world and there are three airports used to enter the city: LaGuardia, JFK International and Newark Liberty International. Regardless of which airport travellers arrive at, a Visa is required to be allowed to enter. A recent alternative to this is an ESTA visa waiver, a new system, which allows travel to the US without a traditional Visa obtained from the embassy. The ESTA form can be used from a whole host of countries across the world and is valid for 90 days per trip.

At 520 Madison Avenue, there are five slabs from the Berlin Wall that was decorated by two German artists, Thierry Noir and Kiddy Citny. This is an open plaza so visiting the spot is easy.

An eerie reminder of the past comes at the Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital that was once the premier treatment facility in the city. It was opened in 1856 and was in operation for a century, now being a registered landmark.

Part of the Museum of Jewish heritage is the Garden of Stones. This poignant spot features plants placed inside stones by the survivors of the Holocaust and their families. Over time, the plants will grow and break open the stones, creating an evolving landscape. It is open to the public but only through the museum.

Not necessarily, one for the casual tourist, the boat graveyard at Staten Island is official known as the Witte Marine scrap yard. It is the official dumping ground for decommissioned ships and features an eerie landscape of broken and wrecked ships, which makes for moody and atmospheric photo opportunities.

Best Missouri RV Destinations

The weather is starting warm up and you know what that means: Camping season! If you live in Missouri, or just enjoy camping in the state, you know that winter is not the most desirable time to visit the lake or camp in the woods. Lucky for you, spring is on its way and camping season is following closely behind. Not sure where you want to travel this year? Take a look at some of the best Missouri RV destinations to help get your travel brain in gear.

As one of the most popular destinations in Missouri in general, Branson has a lot to offer RV travelers. With dozens of campgrounds to choose from, you will easily find a place to park that fulfills your wants and needs. Branson is well known for its many musical shows, its 3 caves, and a theme park that goes by the name of Silver Dollar City. You also won’t be disappointed by their plethora of shopping venues and golf courses.

If you are looking for a more outdoorsy RV experience, Mark Twain National Forest should be the camping destination for you. With over a million acres in the park to explore, you could spend months in the forest if you wanted to. Activities are more of the traditional type, such as hiking, horseback riding, biking, exploring caves, and venturing about via ATV. If you are more of a water lover, this forest has rivers and lakes galore, great for canoeing, swimming, or catching a fish or two. If you love the outdoors, you will fall in love with Mark Twain National Forest.

Nothing screams camping like a huge lake that spans miles of southern Missouri. These RV campgrounds often offer enjoyable hiking trails that allow you to meander through the woods, as well as swimming docks and other traditional outdoor activities. This is a destination meant for those who love swimming, boating, fishing, jet skiing, or all of the above. With miles of lake to conquer, it will take days before you even consider being bored.

Neck and neck with Lake of the Ozarks is Missouri’s incredibly popular Table Rock Lake. This man-made lake covers thousands of acres with a plethora of RV campgrounds dotting its shores. The view while swimming or boating is breathtaking, with jagged cliffs and beautiful landscape lining the edge of the lake. If it gets chilly or rainy, don’t fear, as Branson and its extensive activities are just a stones throw away from your nature filled campsite.

If you think these four destinations are all that Missouri has to offer, you are highly mistaken. Featuring a nature made waterpark at Johnson Shut-Ins, a Mastodon historic site, caves upon caves, rivers, lakes, and hiking galore, there is never a dull moment when camping in Missouri. With a little research, you are guaranteed to find at least one place that is perfect for you and your family. Start planning today for a trip that won’t disappoint.

5 Items to Pack for a Vacation at Sea

Whether you’re headed out for a weekend on a yacht, you plan to go sailing with a few friends for a couple of days or even if you have a week-long cruise coming up, when you’re away at sea, there are certain things that are absolutely essential. So, in order to make your packing process quicker and easier, we’ve got a list of five items that you should take along with you so that you can better enjoy every single moment of your sea vacation.


When you’re taking a vacation at sea, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to want to go swimming whether it’s in the open waters or aboard the cruise ship. So, make sure that you pack a couple of swimsuits. Make sure that they are comfortable and also provide good support. If you’re a woman in the market for a new suit, it’s best if you get one that’s according to your body type. You can get great tips by going to your favorite search engine and putting “swimsuit for your body type” in the search field.


A vacation at sea will also require you spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun. This means that you need to do all that you can in order to protect your skin from potentially damaging rays. You can do this by applying sunscreen. There are actually different kinds of sunscreens that are best for different skin types. SkinCancer.org is one website that can tell you what type is best for children, pale and dark skin and even acne-prone skin. Simply go to the website and put “choose the right sunscreen for your skin type” in the search field.


Sometimes people don’t know that they have issues with motion sickness until they are out on the waters for a long period of time. Although this doesn’t happen quite as much on cruises as it does when you’re on a yacht or sailing, it’s a good idea to have some motion-sickness medication on hand, just in case. One of our favorites is Dramamine. You can purchase it at your local drug store.

First-Aid Kit.

Say that you’ve been considering using the All Rivers and Saltwater Charters for a sailing vacation. Something else that we recommend that you take along with you is a First-Aid Kit. By having some aspirin, pain pills, tweezers, Band-Aids and hydrogen peroxide on hand, you won’t have to worry about looking for one of these things should you happen to have a headache or experience a minor cut as the boat is riding the waves.


Although cruises are a wonderful experience, they do tend to be pretty pricey; especially when it comes to things like beverages and snacks. That’s why it’s our personal recommendation that you purchase some bottled water, juice, granola, cookies and any other snacks that you might like to have ahead of time. That way, you can have a lot of the foods that you like without having to spend a ton of money in the process. Happy sailing!

Top 5 Balkan Cities to Visit

An urban area break is a great way to discover a thing or two about culture diversity in a couple of days. It offers you the opportunity to have a fresh experience. The Balkan possesses a diverse blend of history, geography and culture. City vacations in the Balkans provide something interesting for everyone regardless of your age, style, or whether you’re travelling by yourself or you are a part of a group. Listed here are ten cities which reflect the identity of the Balkans.

It is renowned for being a lively and fashionable city and it has an identity for providing a captivating nightlife. The very best features would be barges distributed along the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers. Belgrade offers 2 opera houses, several museums, such as the Contemporary Art Museum and the National Museum. There’s also some beautiful architecture. An old river island, Ada Ciganlija, located on Sava river, is the biggest recreational and sports complex. It’s the most popular place to go for visitors and Belgraders throughout the city’s hot summer months.

It is among the world’s greatest and perfectly preserved fortified towns and it has 2 kilometres of walls, some of them are 6 metres thick in spots lined with towers and turrets, running round the city. George B. Shaw said: “If you wish to see heaven on earth, visit Dubrovnik”.

It is a enchanting city. Ljubljana has a lively cultural scene and many parks. There are several museums and art galleries and a mediaeval castle found at the summit of the hill which rules the centre of Ljubljana. City Zoo has 152 animal species. A traditional flea market happens every Sunday within the old city. Tivoli Park is the biggest park in in the area. It has three major avenues, beautifully planted with chestnut-trees.

It is encompassed by the Dinaric Alps and located round the Miljacka River, often called the Sarajevo River. It is probably the key feature of the town. In December 2009, it was listed as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2010, by Lonely Planet. A terrific way to go around Sarajevo city is by electrical tram system. It was the very first city in Europe to possess a full-time functional electric tram network system

It is the birthplace of Mother Teresa and her Memorial House commemorates the date. There are lots of old mosques and churches to go to for people who love architecture and history. Numerous famous artists have attended festivals over time. The Jazz Festival belongs to the European Jazz Network. The Soul and Blues Festival in July is part of the Cultural Summer Festival in Skopje and the May Opera Evenings are probably the most visited events in Skopje.

The Park houses the main museum, a number of monuments, tiny lakes, restaurants and cafes. The Stadium and Zoo are also located here together with a few nightclubs.