Top 10 Local Irish Food Specialties

The Full Irish specialty is commonly known as the “Ulster fry” or as the “fried breakfast”. It is a combination of fried or scrambled eggs, bacon, black and white puddings which is also a type of sausage, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, potato farls, and grilled tomato. It is best when partnered with jam, marmalade, slices of toast, sauces, and coffee or tea. One meal can be your source of calories for the whole day; indeed, it is popularly called as the “heart attack on a platter”. Enjoy eating now!

The Irish stew is a conventional Irish dish but when ordered in an Irish restaurant, it would cost you a big amount of money as if it’s an upper class food specialty. This Irish food specialty is a great combination of a lamb or mutton, onions, potatoes, and parsley and is cooked in a thick casserole. The lamb or mutton meat can be minced or diced. To lift up the dish a little bit more; peas and carrots can be added. You may cook according to your preference and make the Irish stew more soup like.

The fresh salmon is considered as the main ingredient in an Irish kitchen though some countries only take it as a delicacy. A salmon is highly regarded as the most widely found fish in Ireland. It is popularly and commonly prepared as simmering it in liquid or poached in fish stock and is best served with potatoes and peas. Others might cook it as fried as well. New recipes like pasta with salmon are slowly becoming popular nowadays.

Many said that the most well-liked salmon preparation by Irish people is to have it smoked. It is then combined with scrambled egg, sliced bread, or just with a salad on the side. According to them a wild salmon is tastier compared to that of a farmed salmon and also, it costs a lot higher.

Oysters traditionally, have been known to be the food for the poor people. They are not available during the main tourist season. Oysters are only free and available in huge quantities at the Irish coast in the past, but since it became a delicacy and served as an aphrodisiac in Ireland, oysters became popular to all and are now achievable with price. The usual food preparation for this is that, it is with a combination with no-frills food, seaweed, and it is served on ice. In the traditional way of serving it as a side dish, it is handed out as a pint and in Guinness, in a lot of quantity. If you want to order oysters with that combination, try it at Galway where you can buy it at a moderate amount.

The Baked ham dish is a typical upper class food. Traditionally, baked ham is prepared through sugar coating, dressed with some cloves, and then baked until it becomes crispy in its exterior with an interior which is slightly tender. It is presented with fried or cooked potatoes and a lot of boiled cabbage. It is popularly known as a festive meal in Ireland since not every day you can have it right away since it has a significant high cost of price. Baked ham is also available in bargains which can be purchased at some pub carveries.

Irish roads are known to cause a brief intense reaction due to the thrill you may experience with suicidal sheep or lambs. Though it may seem to be like that, its meat is highly pleasant and delectable to the mouth and it will really cost you a lot of money to buy some. Irish peaople choose the best parts which are the fine cutlets or a traditional rack of lamb. It is best served with potatoes, and at times, others would choose it to be served with mint sauce or jelly. It’s again a festive meal for one to have and it’s taste is really enticing.

The people of Dublin Ireland, the so called “Dubliners” has this so called “Dublin coddle” during a Saturday night before their night out. It has been a typical and usual dish for them. The said dish is prepared through chopped sausages and bacon along with ubiquitous potatoes in beef stock and onions. It’s a great dish following the drinks for their night out. Big quantities for this can also be cooked at once since it can be heat up again the following days.

Sambo is sandwich term for Irish people. It has been the name given to the sandwiches whether it may be processed or factory produced ones, those which are plastic wrapped, sandwiches which are available almost everywhere including the famous O’Brien’s freshly made platters. Sambo can be uniquely made according to one’s taste preference. In a traditional point of view it has only been the ham and cheese sandwich, and today, ham and cheese is still popular together with the stuffing and coleslaw.

The Soup of the Day

Irish want to have soup every day, especially during lunch time or for snacks. It is commonly served with bread and butter. They usually ask if what‘s the soup of the day, and almost all the time it includes vegetable soup, they’re loving the vegetable soup.