Top 5 Balkan Cities to Visit

An urban area break is a great way to discover a thing or two about culture diversity in a couple of days. It offers you the opportunity to have a fresh experience. The Balkan possesses a diverse blend of history, geography and culture. City vacations in the Balkans provide something interesting for everyone regardless of your age, style, or whether you’re travelling by yourself or you are a part of a group. Listed here are ten cities which reflect the identity of the Balkans.

It is renowned for being a lively and fashionable city and it has an identity for providing a captivating nightlife. The very best features would be barges distributed along the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers. Belgrade offers 2 opera houses, several museums, such as the Contemporary Art Museum and the National Museum. There’s also some beautiful architecture. An old river island, Ada Ciganlija, located on Sava river, is the biggest recreational and sports complex. It’s the most popular place to go for visitors and Belgraders throughout the city’s hot summer months.

It is among the world’s greatest and perfectly preserved fortified towns and it has 2 kilometres of walls, some of them are 6 metres thick in spots lined with towers and turrets, running round the city. George B. Shaw said: “If you wish to see heaven on earth, visit Dubrovnik”.

It is a enchanting city. Ljubljana has a lively cultural scene and many parks. There are several museums and art galleries and a mediaeval castle found at the summit of the hill which rules the centre of Ljubljana. City Zoo has 152 animal species. A traditional flea market happens every Sunday within the old city. Tivoli Park is the biggest park in in the area. It has three major avenues, beautifully planted with chestnut-trees.

It is encompassed by the Dinaric Alps and located round the Miljacka River, often called the Sarajevo River. It is probably the key feature of the town. In December 2009, it was listed as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2010, by Lonely Planet. A terrific way to go around Sarajevo city is by electrical tram system. It was the very first city in Europe to possess a full-time functional electric tram network system

It is the birthplace of Mother Teresa and her Memorial House commemorates the date. There are lots of old mosques and churches to go to for people who love architecture and history. Numerous famous artists have attended festivals over time. The Jazz Festival belongs to the European Jazz Network. The Soul and Blues Festival in July is part of the Cultural Summer Festival in Skopje and the May Opera Evenings are probably the most visited events in Skopje.

The Park houses the main museum, a number of monuments, tiny lakes, restaurants and cafes. The Stadium and Zoo are also located here together with a few nightclubs.