Villa or apartment, where should you invest in?

Villa and apartment both are in high demand these days. Different individual has different preference on this. If you are confused about where you should invest your money, then this article will greatly help you in this regard.

Villas vs apartments: Main differences

Apartment projects are comprised of several high-rise structures that provide living spaces in various configurations. On the other hand, villas are more of a luxury type residence. Villas are more exclusive types of structures where the resident can customize the features and amenities accordingly. You need to know about agavevillas and apartments in detail before investing your money on.

The price range

On average, there is a stark difference in price between villas and apartments. In India, you are supposed to get an apartment within a budget of 50 lakh rupees but the same cannot be said about villas. If you wish to get a villa of your own, then it will cost you at least few crore rupees to say the least. For example, purchasing an apartment may cost Rs. 5000 or so per sq. ft. In India but for villa the amount is Rs. 17,5000 or so. Therefore, the price difference is essential to consider before investing in agavevillas or an apartment.

Scope for customization

Villa is perfect for customization. As this property is exclusively for you, you can customize it in the way you want. You can alter its design, colour, style or anything else according to your specific preference and demand. The degree of freedom is high in this regard. But the same cannot be said for an apartment. An apartment is a part of a building where other people live. You cannot just make changes or customize the apartment in the way you want. All you can do is make some minor interior changes to some extent.

Return on investment

It does not take much to understand that villas are clearly winner as far as return on investment is concerned. An apartment is specifically suitable for nuclear family which is prevalent in society these days. But owning a villa costs you a lot of money, but being a depreciating asset, the return on investment is quite low. 

Pros and cons of apartments

If you are to invest in apartments, then you will have several pros and cons, to say the least. The pros are that it is affordable, easier to maintain, has better security, and is more popular among the general public. On the other hand, the drawbacks are overcrowding, you cannot customize it, limited space, and privacy. The preference of each individual is to vary on this.

Pros and cons of the villa

The positive is that you get more privacy as it is less crowding. On top of that, you can customize the place with all the freedom you want. On the other hand, it costs you high, and return on investment is very low regarding cons. The maintenance cost is also very high.